Backing My Shibori Hankie Quilt

The back of my quilt

I turned on the heat in my studio when I let the dogs out this morning. I wanted to give it and my sewing machine a chance to warm up before getting to work.  After morning chores and sending off a couple of packs of Owl Woman Postcards, I got right to work on the back of my quilt.


Once I have the back sewed together, I lay the quilt on top of it, with the fabric right sides together. Then I trim the backing to the size of the quilt top.

After that I get my big roll of batting, roll it out onto the quilt and cut it to size.

Then I pin the two pieces of fabric and the batting together.  Next I sew them together on my sewing machine, leaving a small opening in the bottom.

When it’s all sewn together, I turn the quilt inside out and hand stitch the bottom.  Then I iron the edges flat.

Now the quilt is hanging from a few rings from the beam in my studio where I will tack it with blue yarn.  The last thing I’ll do is stitch the name of the quilt, the year and my initials on the bottom of it.

My Shibori Hankie Quilt is sold.

3 thoughts on “Backing My Shibori Hankie Quilt

  1. The quilt is just beautiful and my colors.
    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday today. Our oldest daughter is the same age, and she is also very artsy.

  2. what a stunning quilt, Maria! I especially love the backing fabric…….it reminds me of the ice and frost patterns on your bedroom window that Jon has photographed a few times (and you have also). That thought came to my mind instantly when I saw it. Lucky person who will be able have this one!
    Susan M

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