Kitty And Anne, As High As They Could Be

Kitty and Anne

The four hens spend most of their time together these days.  But today, because it was so cold,  Brown Hen and White Hen stayed in the coop most of the day.  But Kitty and Anne spent their day in the barn.

This afternoon, like the Princess and The Pea, they were as high as they could get on the hay bales.  I’m not sure what they were doing up there, maybe they were getting out of Zinnia’s way.

She does like to chase them.

3 thoughts on “Kitty And Anne, As High As They Could Be

  1. Funny: I came on to “reply” because I was going to say hot air rises. Donna got there first.
    Your chickens always look so well-feathered and cosyand so do you! I loved Jon’s photo of you all wrapped up.

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