A Bit Of What I Saw At Mass MoCA Today

Ceramic sculpture by Linda Sormin

Wasn’t I surprised when the first thing we saw at Mass MoCA was ceramic sculptures by Linda Sormin.  It was another Porcelain Gallery.  Not the teapots and cups that I saw at the Clark Museum on Tuesday, but they sure evoked them.

I especially loved this yellow ceramic giant with the oven mitt arm.

By Linda Sormin


Oh how I wanted to touch this one, with all that fabric-looking texture.  I could hardly believe it was ceramic.


There is a lot to see at Mass MoCA, and we didn’t get to all of it.  What we did see I was too busy experiencing to take pictures.

Glenn Kaino’s installation In the Light of a Shadow stuck with me.    And I thought Larua Aguilar‘s photos series Stillness and Center was brilliant.  If I wasn’t so tired, I write more about it all.

But Jon and I got a membership to the museum so we’ll be going back again soon.



One thought on “A Bit Of What I Saw At Mass MoCA Today

  1. Wow! So glad you took this picture showing the size of the sculptures as I assumed they were smaller from the first photo. You’ve inspired me to check out some local museums.

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