Art, Plants and Lunch Out….


I was feeding the donkeys and sheep when Sue Silverstein texted me a Happy Birthday message. I snapped a couple of pictures of Biddy to send as a thank you.  I laughed when I saw this one.  It almost looks as if she’s singing a song.

Jon and I have reservations to visit MASS MoCA today.  It’s a contemporary art museum in an old factory building in North Adams MA.  After the museum, we’ll go to The Plant Connector, a plant shop close to the museum.  My plan is to buy Jon a plant although I told him we’re going to have to put some more windows into the house if we get too many more.

We’ll have lunch somewhere in between it all.

It feels like a very special way to spend my Birthday.  Thanks for all your good wishes.  I’ll bring a picture or two back from the day.

7 thoughts on “Art, Plants and Lunch Out….

  1. Happy Birthday Maria!
    I hope you have a wonderful day &
    Get home before the snow starts flying! ❄️❄️

  2. Happy birthday Maria! Glad you and Jon can celebrate it before the storm gets there. Here in California we have no real weather so it is amazing to read your accounts of 17 below O and how well you deal with everything and get out in such temps to feed your animal family. Thank you for all your beautiful photos and artwork. Enjoy your museum outing with Jon!

  3. Happy birthday, Maria. It sounds like you had the perfect day to celebrate. I just love this photo of Biddy. Maybe she is saying Happy Birthday, herself.

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