Shibori Hankie Quilt, The Story Of Ice and Snow

Shibori Hankie Quilt

January, slow and quiet. Ice, snow, long purple shadows. Shades of blues and whites. My Shibori Hankie quilt will always be January to me.

I started dyeing the hankies on January 3rd, and now the quilt is all done, on the last day of the month.

All those shadows held together in a body of blue.

Each one a unique design on a piece of vintage hankie whose unknown history holds another story…

Abstract, or evoking something familiar, a tree in a landscape, a button become snowflake.

And then the end.  The back that evokes the colors and patterns, the story, told on the front of the quilt.

My Shibori Hankie Quilt is sold.


6 thoughts on “Shibori Hankie Quilt, The Story Of Ice and Snow

  1. Your quilt is stunning! It certainly has the feel of the cold yet beautiful January winter. I love watching each of your quilts evolve. Thank you for taking me along on your quilting journeys!

  2. maria, the last comment I posted 3 posts ago did again not appear……not sure why……..but I just wanted to say again how lovely this quilt is, and that the fabric back reminded me so much of the frost patterns on your windows in the morning. Perfect backing!!!!!!!! It is divine!
    Susan M

    1. Ugh, sorry Susan, sometimes that happens, I’m not sure why. But I’m glad you wrote again. Thanks so much for your good words. And you’re so right about the backing fabric, that’s one of the reasons I chose it. 🙂

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