A Pillow For Sue and A Baby Blanket

Sewing at Bishop Maginn.   Photo by Jon Katz

We were walking down the hall and before we even got to the classroom Sue told me that Jazmine wanted to make a baby blanket.  I hadn’t told Sue about the fabric that Karen sent and was tucked under my arm in a box.

It was the first time Jasmine joined the sewing class and she got right to it.  Halfway through the hour, Jasmine’s friend Emani, who knew how to sew, sat down next to her to help.  Emani said she used to sew at home but her family had to sell their sewing machine.

Jasmine used the fabric that Karen sent, cutting squares from the fleecy fabric and planning the blanket.

A little while later Paris, Hser Nay and her friend (I didn’t get the spelling of her name)  all found the box of silky fabric I gave them from my stash.  They immediately wanted to make pillows from it.

I gave them some instruction on working with the silky fabric, which is very different from sewing cotton, and they got to it.

By the time we left, Jazmine had enough squares of fabric for her quilt, and Paris and Hser Nay were ironing the fabric for their pillows.

After dinner I got a text from Sue with a picture of a green silky pillow.

Hser Nay finished making her pillow and gave it to Sue. “She was very proud of herself and she wanted me to have it” Sue wrote me.

Sue said maybe she be able to sleep tonight.

The pillow Hser Nay made for Sue.

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