The Hens Breakfast, My Blog Is Me

This morning before posting this video I looked on YouTube and saw that the views on my videos had gone down this month.  It was discouraging, and I had many thoughts about why that might be. Maybe I post too many videos, maybe they’re not good, maybe people are bored by them.

All these things could be true.  Some are definitely better than others, but I never post a video I don’t like.

And then I thought of something that Donna wrote me about how I don’t count my “likes” on facebook and she really appreciates that.  If I did count my “likes” I wouldn’t post on facebook anymore.  And it’s something I’ve considered.  My activity on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest can’t compare to the traffic on my blog.  And if I didn’t have my blog, I’d sell hardly anything on Etsy either.

I know it’s because my blog is where my heart is.

It’s the perfect medium for my creativity. I never knew how important writing was to me until I began blogging.  And the only reason I began taking pictures was to document the work I was doing.

My blog has grown so much from when I first started it in 2008. And I have grown with it. As anyone who has read it for a while could easily see.  Jon talks about his blog as being a living memoir.  Perfect for a memoir writer.

I see my blog as a journal of my creative life, which, of course, my personal life is intertwined with.

I document my creativity and pour it into my blog. Youtube is a tool that allows me to put my videos up on my blog. Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are places to share it.  And Etsy is a tool to help me easily sell my art.

But my blog is me.

And that’s why, despite the views on Youtube, and the likes on Facebook, my video of the hens eating a crumbled-up veggie burger is at the top of this post.

Because I believe it’s part of my story that’s worthy of my blog.

15 thoughts on “The Hens Breakfast, My Blog Is Me

  1. I love it all since you offer us a glimpse into your creative life and relationships.
    I live in an apartment in the city and don’t have animals to care for or gardens to tend so
    I live those things vicariously through you and Jon.
    I am always amazed to see the process you go through when creating and it encourages
    me to take my time and let things unfold when I am making something.
    I am on IG to keep up with my grandchildren but seeing single photos of people at their best
    leaves so much of the story untold. Your blogs are valuable because they give us examples
    of real people living a very real lives. I appreciate you both!

    1. Ah Jan, thanks for writing. It’s really nice to hear and its so true that people most often only put the best of themselves out there. To me that’s the difference between a selfie and a self portrait. One is about image the other about honesty. I hope to always be honest in my blogging and my art. It is my aim even if I’m not always successful.

  2. I’m not “into” social media — no Facebook, no Instagram — so I just read the blogs I love. Which include you at the top of my list. And I suspect many others are like me. I may see a clip on you tube I missed, but your blog is you, as far as I’m concerned. So please don’t get caught up in these insane “metrics” and other such nonsense. We love you. We don’t miss a day.

  3. I relish your blog Maria. It continually opens new windows for me. Two of my most significant spiritual practices are to be fully present to every moment, and to pay attention! I consider you to be one of my teachers, someone who exemplifies my aspiration! Thank you!

  4. I absolutely love your videos and follow your blog frequently. I’m not certain about “likes”or whatever but please keep them coming. your relationship with Jon,the animals and the farm are very inspiring.

  5. I enjoy all aspects of the blog too Maria, the creative projects, nature, wildlife, farm animals, mini meditations, thoughtful reflections, collaborations, belly dancing, Co-op, but especially the ritual of the Monday morning check in videos, and the surprise studio tours that pop up, when you make a video explaining current projects, or showing us something in the garden. Of course anything with chickens in it gets my vote too!

    On a practical level, and not sure if this would be an easy change to make, is there a way to have a link for ‘videos’ in your title bar where it says podcasts, Etsy etc (perhaps if you need to create a space for it you could see if there are other links you don’t really use like the one for events?). On a few occasions I’ve realized I’ve somehow missed watching the Monday vid, thinking I’ll come back to it, and then remembering it a few days later. I usually scroll back through several pages of posts to find it, (funnily enough just realizing I’ve never done that search directly via Youtube which would probably be quicker) but I’m not sure if everyone would have time to search back though the posts. Perhaps if you could just get to your playlist from a link, people could go back and rewatch favorites, or Monday Morning vids for a whole season more easily?……

    I believe if people click the ‘thumbs up’ like button underneath the videos, it also makes the Youtube algorithm suggest those vids to more people, attracting new viewers.

    The videos are an added bonus, but I agree, the blog overall is the most important, I appreciate that we get to share your life in this way – it’s become part of my daily routine!

    1. Thanks for your thougth Hannah. If you scroll down to the very bottom of my blog there are links for youtube, Instagram, facebook, and interest. I guess they’re not so visible. Maybe like you say, they should be at the top of the blog. I’m going to check into doing that.

  6. I love the videos
    The donkeys
    The sheep
    The dogs
    The chickens
    The woods and riches within
    The art projects that start as an idea and magically become life!
    Confidently plough ahead
    Kathryn Merrithew
    Bangor, Me

  7. Your and Jon’s blogs are the second things I view every day (after checking my emails) and life wouldn’t seem “whole” without seeing them. I’ve watched you both grow over the years (since 2007) and it’s wonderful how beautifully you’ve “bloomed.” Never stop your blog!!

  8. Maria…
    Someone once observed that often, those who are most diligent are often the most self-critical.

    Many explanations could exist for your decline in views. But we are not contributing to that. We read all of your posts, especially your “Monday Good Morning” video.

    That is an example of what I call “Mobile Art.” By this, I mean art that you create while YOU are moving. I have wondered what level of dexterity and control it takes to simultaneously shoot a coherent video while walking, feeding sheep and donkeys, talking to them, and managing their behaviors.

    We enjoy following your artwork and their products. I have a special curiosity about the details of work performance. But that did not account for creativity.

    My education and career have focused on science and technology, but I am a laggard in the arts. Now, I believe you have helped me to appreciate visual art. Your photographs and videos capture, in interesting and novel ways, what the eye sees instantaneously but might pass over. They help to highlight a composition’s elements with their lines, colors, forms, textures, and their balance.

    1. Thank you Donald for taking the time to write and let me know. It is very nice to hear and you mention some things I’ve never even thought of. So I learned something from you. I like your idea of “Mobile Art.”

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