Birds Become Potholders

This evening, while the wind shook my studio and ice pelted the darkened windows, I started sewing my birds.  I still wasn’t sure what I’d be doing with them when I began.   But I wasn’t worried about it.  Each piece of fabric that I chose for each of the birds worked so well, I knew I’d figure it out.

By the time I left my studio, I was able to imagine them as the beginning of potholders. And once I opened my email and saw all the requests for the birds as potholders, well, that made the decision even easier.

Now I’m looking forward to working on them tomorrow.  Even though I have no idea how I’ll finish them off.  But that’s the fun part.

13 thoughts on “Birds Become Potholders

  1. Second row/first potholder with gold finches on it.If that is not available then the bluejay. I did not notice one but by any chance would you have a red cardinal? That would be my number one choice otherwise what I listed above will be fine. I am giving this to my friend for her birthday She loves birds!

  2. Hi Maria, your bird potholders are beautiful. If no one else has requested it I would like to buy the blue jay one in the top row on the right. Stay warm in all this stormy weather!

  3. Very nice indeed. They have come together beautifully. I should like o buy the centered 2 blue jays if it is still available?

  4. I may have mentioned once before that I wait for you to sew some ugly ( more or less) pot holders! Then I could buy a couple to actually use, instead if adding the ones I get to the artwork on our kitchen walls.
    Something tells me that even if you tried they would have their own quirky beauty and I ‘d be sunk again!
    I think I am about to make a couple for myself to solve this problem as I have a box full of sewing scraps to mess with and batting is cheap.

    1. HA! Erika, that’s actually very funny. Although I do hope people use my potholders, that’s the point to have something of beauty to use everyday. But I’m sure you have plenty of scraps to make your own. And I’ll be happy to send you a couple of piece of insulated batting if you’d like.

  5. I am sending a small contribution to the school sewing classes for when they get going again. Spend it on what is needed. I should love a little batting in return–just enough to make a Pocket potholder to slip my hand in.
    Then I will set about making an ugly one which, believe me, will probably be no trouble at all!

    1. That’s very sweet of you Erika, I’ll get some batting in the mail to you. And I bet you’re wrong. I bet you can’t make an ugly potholder. :)

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