Birds At The Feeder

Because of the storm,there were even more birds at the feeder than usual. As I worked on my Bird Potholders, I watched the birds out my window.

And I took a few pictures too.


6 thoughts on “Birds At The Feeder

  1. Great photos, last week the birds were very active at the feeders in my yard, though no snow or ice here in Florida the temps dropped to the mid 20’s for several nights and the days didn’t get much warmer. Since my next door neighbors cut down every tree in their yard the birds have been flocking to my feeders, I’m glad to have them and added 2 more to the yard. I’m fortunate to have quite a few trees in my yard.

    1. That’s really cold and much more so for Florida Deb! The birds were lucky to have your feeder to go to. I’m sure they were confused about how to handle the drop in temp as much as everyone else.

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