Birds In The Bush


When I got to my studio today late in the morning after shoveling, I got right to work on my bird potholders. I kept thinking camouflage like the birds wanted to be hidden in patterns and nature.

Once I figured that out, I pulled a bunch of fabric out of my shelves that I thought might work and got into a groove.

It was 5:30 and I had two birds left,  but I  wanted to make Lentil soup for dinner. So I quit with two to go. I know I’ll be able to get right back into that groove on Monday and finish the last two.

Most of these are already sold.  I’d have to check my list again before saying which are still available.

11 thoughts on “Birds In The Bush

  1. I just love the colors with the Nuthatch, Maria! I think you are channeling the colors of my home because these are exactly it. 🙂 All the potholders sure are beautiful!

  2. would like any one bird potholder bird … who can flock together… do have preference for big leaves on fabric.

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