Reflection In My Studio Window

I’ve always loved double exposure photos, how they can put the unlikely together and make combinations of things I’d never think of.  How they’re so much like dreams in their sense/nonsense.  And how they can create ghosts.

I’ve found that by taking pictures in windows around the farm I can create something like a double exposure.

I took the one above looking in my studio window.

It’s filled with “ghosts”, all those vague images floating in places they shouldn’t be.  My studio windows are superimposed over the house placing the barn inside the kitchen.   And the dogs become visions of motion, like the animals painted on cave walls.

5 thoughts on “Reflection In My Studio Window

  1. My mother and her sister first went to Englsnd in 1932. On the sea voyage their father took a double exposure by mistake. We have always called this photo “The Titanic”. They are standing calmly looking out to sea while apparent waters have reached their shoulders.

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