Four Winter Eggs

I haven’t seen an egg in the chicken coop in so long I stopped looking. But this afternoon as I was giving the coop a cleaning, there were four eggs in the nesting box.

I doubt any of the eggs come from Brown Hen and White Hen because they’re old and usually don’t lay eggs this time of year. That means Kitty and Anne either started laying eggs yesterday or they’ve been laying all along someplace other than in the coop.

If they did just start laying again, it’s a good indication of how much more light there is every day.    I hope they’re back in the habit of laying their eggs in the coop so I can easily find them.

I thanked the chickens and took the eggs right in the house and boiled them.  Then ate one as soon as they were done.

It’s been months since I’ve had a fresh egg and I was reminded of how much better they are than the eggs I buy.  They’re soft and creamy, with a subtly rich flavor.

A few days ago I bought a dozen eggs at the Co-op but if the hens keep laying, I’ll be feeding those eggs to the hens and eating the ones they lay.


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