Self-Portrait in the Backdoor

I noticed my reflection in the back door as I was coming in from feeding the animals this afternoon.  So I thought I’d try taking a self-portrait. I had to hold my iPhone on an angle so it’s hidden behind the red door frame.  In this picture, it looks like my hand is resting on the door, but it’s really holding the IPhone.

The straight lines on my face (not the wrinkles, they’re always there) are the reflections of the panels of the basement inside the house.

I think of Vivian Maier when I take self-portraits in reflected objects like this or Shadow self-portraits.  Seeing her self-portraits gave me the idea to try the same.

One thought on “Self-Portrait in the Backdoor

  1. This is a beautiful self portrait, Maria. It’s good to get to an age where our bare faces are our dear friends. Most days that’s true for me, although not always.

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