The Moon, Conch Shells and Mother Mary

I got right to work on my Mother Mary today.  My plan was to start by cutting the batting and making the loop to push a dowel through to hang the piece, but I got sidetracked with making the crescent moon that will be under her feet.

I cut the moon out of a piece of canvas then used yellow scraps of fabric and matte medium and attached the fabric to the canvas.

I tried the moon out, but it wasn’t quite right.  So I went over it with an orange oil crayon and some orange paint to finish it off.  Then I did a couple of quick drawings of the conch shells to see what they’d look like with the moon.

In so many of the images of Our Lady Of Guadalaupe there are angels holding up the crescent moon under Mary’s feets.  I thought the conch shells would work nicely for my Mary instead of the angels.

By the end of the day I had the loop done and the batting attached. I pinned Mary to the backing and pinned on some of the blue lace on too to get a feel for how it would look.

Tomorrow I’ll start sewing.

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