Making the Moon And Conch Shells For My Blessed Mother Mary

I was just about to start sewing the blue lace on my Blessed Mother Mary when I realized that if she’s standing on the moon, I needed to get that in place first.

As I contemplated how to attach the moon I had made to the old quilt backing, I came to see that what I really needed to do, was to make the moon right on the backing.

So I used the moon I made yesterday as a guide and recreated it directly on the old quilt using matte medium.

I wanted the piece to be able to dry laying flat on the floor, so it wouldn’t pucker.  This means sewing the blue lace would have to wait another day.  Instead, I decided to make the conch shells.

I found the perfect piece of fabric in my stash.  The color remarkably close to the weathered conch shell I used to make my drawings from. It also has a nice toothy texture, which “feels” like the shell to me and will stand out from the other fabrics in the piece.

I did a simple outline in marker to get me going, then stitched the rest of the shell freehand looking to my drawings and the original conch shell as I worked.

I used two shades of blue to make them.  I was having so much fun, I made one and an extra one.

I still have a little bit of work to do on the moon, but I need for it to be completely dry first.  I’ll do that and sew on the conch shells tomorrow.  After that, I should be ready to sew on the blue lace.

The moon and conch shells so far…

Waiting for the moon to dry.

3 thoughts on “Making the Moon And Conch Shells For My Blessed Mother Mary

  1. This is stunning. The colors are enlivening. It’s easy to imagine how inspired the students in the art room will be.

  2. I once read a book called Sacre Blue (probably with a diacritical mark). I was about the sacred blue that supposedly could only used for Mary in art. It also involved Van Gogh and some people who lived extremely long lives. Don’t remember the author’s name. Weird but good.

    1. Kathyrn I remember from my Art history classes that there was a reason Mary was always in that blue,but I didn’t remember the reason. I’ll have to look into it a little more. I’m sure I can find out about it. The book sounds interesting.

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