Long Live My Laptop


The beginning of a drawing and the bigger ticks I pulled off my skirt

My session with Perry from MacNurse got delayed, so Fate, Zinnia, and I were able to get a walk in this morning when the sky was blue and the sun brilliant.

We got back just in time for my computer appointment.

I know very little about computers, mostly how to blog, email, work with my photos, ship things and search for stuff online.  Maintenance and upkeep are a mystery to me.  It was Jon’s idea to get some help with it and a good one.

I love my 13-inch Macbook Pro, as I loved my first laptop, a hand-me-down from Jon.  We’ve been through a lot together including a trip to India.  But she’s five years old and I was beginning to wonder how much longer she’d last.  The good news is, with the help I got from Andrew and Perry at MacNurse, she can last another five or six years. They freed up storage getting rid of a lot of things I never use and took care of some malware that was hiding out in places I didn’t even know existed.

That’s what Perry was doing today.  He lives in another state but came on my computer through TeamViewer, like the people at Apple do and worked some magic.  Well, it looked like magic to me anyway.

He did the work while I sat at my computer answering questions.  Between questions, I was pulling the begger ticks off my skirt  (they got stuck there during our morning walk), and starting a drawing. I didn’t get far with the drawing, but I did get all those pesky seeds off my skirt.

I may have to replace the battery, something I didn’t even know was possible, and I have worn away the A, H, N, and E on my keypad.  But as long as I don’t go all the way through the plastic, it doesn’t really matter.  It’s not like I look at them while I’m typing.

It makes me very happy to know my computer will be around another six years.  I do get attached to my tools and I would rather not have to buy a new computer. Although even if my computer died tomorrow I’d be grateful for all the work she’s made possible for me to do over the past five years.

I can still remember being terrified of computers and going into a panic if I had to try to use one  And that was only about 15 years ago.  But now, my computer is right up there with my sewing machine.

I can’t imagine my creative life without her.

3 thoughts on “Long Live My Laptop

  1. Hi Maria. Looks like we have the same laptop computers and lack of knowledge to keep them running smoothly. The help you received from Macnurse is now encouraging me to get off my tushie and get this old thing tuned . I’ve noticed it heats up rather quickly. Someone suggested the is fan clogged with food crumbs and cat fur.
    Very Best to you and Jon,

    1. Ah I’ve experienced that with my first laptop. Supposedly our particular laptop is a good one. That’s what I was told anyway. Do check it out, it might make a difference for you. And really what can you do about the food and cats! 🙂

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