The Gift Of Mother Mary To Sue Silverstein

Today I received a check in the mail for my Blessed Mother Mary.   Last week Kathye sent me an email asking if she could buy her for Sue Silverstein.

“What Sue provides those children day after day, year after year, is the work of many angels. She represents so much good and hope and all that is right in our world. And the light that you two incredible women bring truly comforts my 70 year old soul! ”  Kathye wrote me.

I  have to say that Kathye brings her own light. The making, giving, and receiving of this fabric painting gives all three of us something to feel good about.

Kathye wasn’t the only one who wanted to buy the piece for Sue, that’s one of the reasons I knew it belonged to her.  Besides the fact that it was Sue and being in her classroom, teaching sewing, that inspired me to make Mother Mary.

In Kathye’s card she wrote that she saw a warmth in Mother Mary that made her “want to walk up to her and hug her..and to feel her hug as well.” 

I don’t think I could ask for a better compliment than that.  Although I know that I wasn’t alone making my version of Mother Mary.

8 thoughts on “The Gift Of Mother Mary To Sue Silverstein

  1. Of all the creative things you’ve made, to me this is the most original and greatest. It speaks so loud of love and creativity.

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