Warm Enough For The Cats To Go Out

The cats seem content in the basement this time of year, especially since we got them a heated cat house.  But today it was 50 degrees out so I set up the cat beds on the back porch put out a bowl of water and put the cats outside.

Flo hung out on the porch and Minnie headed for the stone wall where the mice are.

Then Minnie went to the woodshed.  But we already used the wood that she would have climbed on to get into the attic where the cats sometimes sleep.

So Minnie went to her other haunt, the barn.

This evening she followed me back to the house and into the basement.  Flo didn’t show up, which means she’s probably sleeping in the woodshed.  Unlike Minnie, Flo doesn’t need the woodpile to climb on to get to the attic.  She climbs right up the wall.

Flo will be on the back porch tomorrow waiting for breakfast.


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