Lights Out

Reflections in the fish tank

I sat in my car watching the rain on the window.  It was coming down hard enough so the windshield was a constant moving blur.

I was at the Vet waiting for Cassandra to bring Fate back to the car after her appointment. “We just lost power, so I can’t give you a receipt,” Cassandra told me as she opened the car door and Fate jumped in.

Since we’re just about a minute’s drive from the Vet, that meant we probably lost power too.

I didn’t get to my studio today. I was visiting my mother and only got home in time to feed the animals and take Fate to the Vet.  Jon was back from the grocery store by the time I got home.

He had already lit a candle and gotten out the flashlights.

We unloaded the food trying not to keep the fridge open too long then went into the living room to wait for the electricity to come back on.  According to National Grid, that would be in another hour and a half.

I was ready for a nap and the shadowy house and lullaby of rain made the idea even more appealing.  Just as I was about to settle in on the couch, Jon pointed out the shadow on the wall from the flickering candle.  “I had to tell you, he said, I knew you’d want to take a video.”

And he was right.

After I got my video I saw the reflection of the window in the fish tank in a picture Jon had just taken.  That got me up close to the tank taking my own pictures.

Then Jon got a text from National Grid letting us know the electricity would be out for forty-five minutes longer than expected.

Now it really was time for a nap. Bud jumped onto the couch as I pulled the blanket over me.  I rested my hand on his head and he snuggled up next to me.

I slept until the light came back on, in one big flash, waking me up.

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