7 thoughts on “My Mother Mary

  1. I am truly hoping that your mother Mary will have postcards of her so that she will not vanish from your readers sight?

  2. Seeing her now finished and life size, your Mother Mary is even more stunning Maria! Warm and welcoming, soothing and soulful…soon she’ll be at home with Sue and her kids. A remarkable piece of art by and for two remarkable women. Blessings to all who see her…

  3. This is a gorgeous piece, Maria! I love the creativity expressed in your Mary! And I love the video that Jon filmed about how the piece is going to Sue Silverstein. What a wonderful expression of love for all of you, including your blog readers! Thanks for letting us join in!

    1. Oh that’s very nice to hear Nancy. I so love the way my blog can do that, and it’s not about people having to always own something to benefit from it. Or even leave their home.

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