Getting Ready For The Snow

Liam and his mother Suzy hanging out together in the afternoon sun.

I started my day thinking of the coming snowstorm.  We haven’t had much snow this winter, and what we’ve had didn’t last long.  But this time it seems we may be in for up to 12 inches.

During those few warm days, stuff started to accumulate on the back porch.  Tiding it up was the first thing I did. Then I cleaned out the chicken coop. We ran out of suet for the birds, so I took a trip to the Hardware Store to get some more.

Next I moved onto the barn.

If we get a lot of snow the animals won’t be able to graze or move around easily.  That means they’ll continue chewing on the barn.  They already got a good start on a couple of boards that had holes in them. I think they might be trying to chew through to the stall.

So I got my roll of chickenwire (I always have extra chicken wire hanging around, it comes in handy for so many things) and stapled four feet of it to the barn covering the holes.  When I was done,  I moved a big branch in the barn for the sheep and donkeys to nibble on even though I know they prefer the soft old barn wood.

And that was it.

Except for texting my friend Margaret (who is closer to Jon’s age than mine)  and setting up a sledding date for the weekend.

The holes the sheep and donkeys chewed in the barn that I covered up with chicken wire.

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