What The Sound Of Zinnia Splashing In The Stream Looks Like

Once again I was watching the bubbles under the ice in the stream behind the farm.  And once again Zinnia jumped into the shallow stream crashing through the ice.

I just happened to be taking a video of this bubble under the ice when Zinnia was running through the stream.  I was delighted to see how the shape of the bubble changed with the sound of Zinnia’s splashing.

2 thoughts on “What The Sound Of Zinnia Splashing In The Stream Looks Like

  1. What a great moment to notice and capture. I’m taking a class right now on teaching science in elementary school and I wonder what kids would make of that video. What would they think was making the bubble move? Have they seen anything similar? Thanks for getting my mind moving this snowy morning.

    1. Oh, the ultimate compliment Trish. I know I was fascinated and delighted by it. It does raise a lot of questions, which is what I think I really love about it. And of course how perfect it seems to me. Your students will be lucky to have you for their teacher.

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