Snow Day

Jon and I were out early this morning shoveling.  There were about five inches by then and it’s still snowing.   Jon cleaned off the cars and I shoveled the steps and a path to the barn.  Then we got the snowblower out and made more paths.

So far the snow is light and easy to shovel.  I dug a path to the hay feeder in the barnyard and cleared an area so I can put the other feeders back out once the snow stops.  I’ll go back during the day and keep up with the falling snow.  It’s easier that way than shoveling it all at once when the snow stops.

Merricat ventured out of the barn checking out the path I made.  Although the sheep have no problem walking in snow this deep.  The donkeys don’t either, but they prefer to stay dry.

I don’t think I’ll make it to my studio today.  I’ve been wanting to do some drawings of the inside of the house and today would be the perfect day to do that.  I also want to do some snowshoeing in the woods.  It will be my first of the winter and maybe the only chance I get.

I finally got the attachment for my iPhone 13 (it was back ordered) to be able to use my macro and fisheye lenses again.  So I’ll take them with me and see what kind of pictures I can get.

I’ll take Fate and Zinnia with me of course.

Zinnia especially loves the snow. This morning she ran right down to the flooded marsh and experienced the frosty water.  It was like watching her walk through a Slushie. I think she was confused by it because she didn’t spend much time there.

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