Working On My Fern and Leaf Quilt

I got some work done on my fern quilt today…

I often run my shears along the cracks between my floorboards to make straight lines.  I did that today with a small strip of fabric I put on the left side of the quilt…

I used some of the fabric that was leftover from the scarf I made for Valerie.  She was kind enough to give me the extras.

This is how I left the quilt today.  More tomorrow…..


3 thoughts on “Working On My Fern and Leaf Quilt

  1. So healing to come here and see you work on your quilt. Tied up emotionally into the Ukraine war. My grandmother’s birthplace is only a few hundred miles away from the Ukraine border. I was there many moons ago. The former Austro-Hungarian empire and more recently Yugoslavia where governments and borders set up not by the will of the people.

    1. Thanks Deborah. I made that with the help of MaryAnn Pettyway, when I went to Gees Bend Alabama some years ago. I stayed at Mary Ann’s house and we worked together and I got to meet some of the now famous Gee’s Bend quilters. It was a wonderful trip.

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