Robin, Almost A Year

We were going for a walk.  Through the barnyard, out the gate in the far pasture and into the woods.  Fate bouncing up and down in front of me wanting to “get the sheep” and Zinnia scoffing up poop.

But before we got too far I saw Robin standing by the pole barn by himself.

It wasn’t really unusual, but it struck me as odd and I was immediately reminded of the day he was born.  How I came into the barnyard to feed the animals and saw him standing, right where he was standing today, only so much smaller and shivering, his body still wet from having just been born.

Robin and I stood there looking at each other for a while.  Then he just walked away.

But it stuck with me, that odd feeling.  As if Robin was remembering too.

Before writing this I looked back on my blog to see when Robin was born.  It was just three days from today, March 6th.

Robin seemed like a little miracle when he was born.  That he lived, a sign of hope.

Something to still hold on to.

4 thoughts on “Robin, Almost A Year

  1. Robin has a special kinship with you Maria, you were the first human he imprinted on. A lifelong relationship to be treasured.
    And who knows what spirits choose to inhabit our special animals.

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