Frosty Morning

It was another cold morning, the trees soft and sparkling with frost. I sat on a log under the apple tree looking out on the frozen marsh.  I thought of my friend Jackie, who is a poet and has coffee outside every morning, no matter how cold it is, experiencing the miracles in her backyard.

She wrote this poem about it…

True Miracles  By Jackie Thorne

If there is such a thing as the divine,
then I can see it every day –
in the grass, the rocks, the sun
and sky, each leaf on every tree;
in the bird’s flight and a cloud’s shadow
as it passes overhead; in a storm,
in a green pool, sparkling with life –
for beauty I need look no further
than outside my own back door.
These and more are true miracles,
not found in lofty heights,
surrounding me, here and now,
longing to embrace me in return.

You can read more of Jackie’s poetry on her blog 

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