Raising Money For The Last Prom At Bishop Maginn High School

Altogether,(including the Virgin Mary) at the little table, everyone sewing and sharing and helping each other. Dah Blue, Jayla, Hser Nay, Paris, Folasade, and me. Photo by Jon Katz

I’m thinking of the students in my sewing class.  The regulars like Paris, Hser Nay, Jayla and Natalia.  And the kids that came once to learn a little about sewing because they were curious.

I’m thinking of them because they’re the kids I know.   But there are over a hundred kids that go to Bishop Maginn High School and this will be their last year together.

That’s one of the reasons why the Prom is so important this year.  Not only will it be the last one for Bishop Maginn but all the kids will have the opportunity to go to the Prom, not just the seniors.

In a way, it’s a celebration of the whole school and the students and teachers who made it so special over the years.

But to make the prom possible Bishop Maginn is in need of funding. That’s why Jon came up with the idea of asking for donations from the Army of Good to help make the last Prom at Bishop Maginn a very special one.

The teachers at the school know how to throw a Prom and Sue Silverstein said it’s actually easier when there are 100 kids than when there are 50.  So they know what to do, now they just need to raise some money to make it all possible.

So if you’d like to help you can send a check to Mike Tolan, Bishop Maginn School, 75 Park Avenue, Albany, N.Y., 12202; please write “Prom Fund” on the check memo.

If you wish to send small contributions or prefer sending money online,  you can send them to Jon Katz, Bishop Maginn (Prom Fund) via Paypal, [email protected], or through Venmo, Jon Katz@Jon-Katz-13(or by check, Jon Katz,   Bishop Maginn Prom Fund, P.O.  Box 205, Cambridge, N.Y., 12816.

Thank you!

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