The Pine Growing Out Of The Rocks

I know by now that if I wait long enough,  Fate and now Zinnia will find their way into my picture.  It was the tree growing spectacularly out of the rocks that I was looking for on my walk today.

I generally know where it is in the woods, but I hadn’t seen it in the snow.  The dogs of course were way ahead of me.  I took quite a few photos of the magnificent tree before Fate then Zinnia showed up to be in the picture.

What I didn’t expect and didn’t get a picture of was Zinnia leaping from the rock onto the ground in front of me. She looked a little startled when she landed as if she didn’t expect the ground to be so far away.

Fate was smarter than to follow Zinnia and gingerly serpentined her way down the hill to me.

2 thoughts on “The Pine Growing Out Of The Rocks

  1. Maria, this is an amazing photo! I love the blue sky, the stark contrast of the white snow, and the “girls” peeking over in the shadows of the lovely trees reaching for the light! 🙂 Perfect perspective.

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