Rick Rack

Rick Rack Cactus

When Emily showed me her Rick Rack Cactus, I was smitten.  I had no idea there was such as thing.  So she took a couple of clippings from her plant and gave them to me. I gave her a clipping of my Peperomia Hope in exchange.  (I only know its name because Emily told me).

If it is possible to have a thing for fabric trim, I have a thing for Rick Rack.  My mother used to sew it the clothes she made me when I was a kid.  I especially remember it trimming the pockets of red and white smock she made me.  It was one of my favorite shirts when I was in Kindergarten.

I have a whole box of Rick Rack that people have sent me over the years.  I haven’t figured out how to use it yet, but I believe one day it will be just what I need.  So I keep my box of Rick Rack tucked away.  Some of it dates back to the 1930’s so it’s been waiting for some time to make its way into the world.

I guess it can wait a little longer.

Inside my box of Rick Rack

6 thoughts on “Rick Rack

  1. I love rick rack as well. It hasn’t cost 29 cents for a long time, so you must have some real treasures in your box.

    1. Yes, Jane one pack really is from the 1930s. a part of me doesn’t want to use it, but then…if it was just what I needed I would.

  2. Oh my goodness, I remember this trim from my childhood. It was used on a lot of kids’ clothes, but also, strangely, I remember it decorating a lot of my mother’s maternity clothes. Not sure if was just that she had a penchant for Rick Rack or if it was a common practice for expecting mommas in the 50’s to like and use it. Thanks for the memory!

    1. Ah, that’s really sweet Laurie. I have a wonderful image of a little girl figuring out where the rick rack should go on your mom’s maternity clothes.

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