Finishing Up “Forest Floor”

the top of my Forest Floor quilt laying face down on the backing. Next I trimmed the backing and added the batting on top of it all.

As I thought I was fast asleep when the power came back on last night.  It took longer than expected, but it didn’t interfere with my sleep. Not so for Jon who depends on his Sleep Apnea machine to get a good night’s sleep.  Even though we didn’t use it last night, it is comforting to know that we have a generator if we woke up in the morning and the power was still out.

These are the photos of finishing up my Forest Floor quilt that I didn’t get to post last night.

After I sew the backing and batting to the front of the quilt, I iron the edges to flatten them out.

Below I’m tacking the quilt.  You can see how I’m pulling the yarn through the quilt on the top before cutting and tying it.  I didn’t get to finish it  last night, but I’m just about done now.  All I have left to do is stitch the title and my initials and the date on the bottom.  Forest Floor is sold.

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