A Studio Visit, Making Potholders

One thought on “A Studio Visit, Making Potholders

  1. Thanks Maria, I always enjoy the videos from the studio, and like seeing how you choose which fabric to use.

    I wondered if in a future video you could talk about why you prefer having your main work table set up so you do most of your sewing standing up, rather than sitting down. I’ve never considered it, but after watching your vid yesterday, noted how many times I stood up, then sat back down while working on a sewing project.

    I also enjoyed in another recent post, seeing from your photo, how the joins in the floor boards serve as a guide for cutting longer lengths when you are working on a quilt. Also appreciate the new way you’ve been setting up some of your studio photos so you are in them too, alongside your projects.

    On a different topic, inspired by your coin counting, I picked up some paper sleeves when I was at the bank yesterday so I can empty our money box, and put the proceeds in the bank. Glad to see the tote bag held up to the weight of all those coins in the lovely smiley pic Jon took of you carrying it.

    1. Your bag was the only one I trusted to hold all the coins Hannah! And it worked perfectly I’m glad to say.
      I can’t imagine working sitting down to work Hannah. I never even thought of it. I’m always moving around, putting pieces on my floor to get a some distance when my work table is too close. Sometimes I sew standing up too. I guess I’m more comfortable on my feet than in a chair. I’m glad you like the pics of me working. I thought it would be interesting for people to see. I take it so for granted I sometimes have to remember to share those parts of the process.

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