No Bellydancing, Into The Woods Instead


The Gulley Bridge had a few inches of water running over it. But we walked over it anyway.

I was not expecting snow when I took that video this morning of the birdsong in the back pasture.  But there it was, just enough snow to clog up the road and make me decide not to make the trip to Bennington for my Bellydancing class.

I was very disappointed, so I headed out into the woods with Fate and Zinnia. It was so beautiful, I came a little less disappointed.

19 thoughts on “No Bellydancing, Into The Woods Instead

  1. What a beautiful photo of that graceful tree. It appears to be reaching up toward the sky, waiting for the sun.

  2. The tree above reminds me of a woman in a long flowing skirt with arms stretched upward and outward- to the sun in this case.

  3. Unbelievably beautiful…what an uplifting sight during this rather gloomy month, and what a pleasant surprise! 🙂

  4. Maria, HOW are you/were you able to keep your footing over the Gulley Bridge with some water on it? And not fall into the water or slip? I think every blog reader is very excited about your upcoming walk in the woods. A great gift from Jon. Love the snow pix – so hot and dry here one is parched all the time. (Los Angeles).

  5. I love the audience of trees in the background, they all seem to be leaning in for an embrace from the Mother Tree. Beautiful photo!

  6. Maria, the tree looks like it is growing in a tent! And it looks right at home! Now why? The eye doctor said my eyes were unusually healthy in that they have not changed in a year . . . I must believe my eyes. Like finally wrought trunks meeting to cover the central tree. Beautiful photo. veronica

    1. Ah what an interesting perspective Veronica. I love how we can all see the same thing differently. I think it smart of you to believe your eyes, they are wise for sure. And now I can see what you do too.

  7. I keep coming back to the first picture, picture-perfect snow on branches. You have captured the branches capturing the snow. One more storm coming up. Might be the last big one.

    1. It was such the perfect little opening in the trees Sharon. I really wanted to get that feeling across of “going into” or through. It shoulds like it worked. All the snow is gone today, but as you say, back tomorrow.

  8. This beautiful tree looks like a goddess lifting her arms to heaven with a chorus in the background. Just beautiful!

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