Meeting With Chris At Mannix Marketing. Making A Few Changes To My Blog

Chris and Jon at the meeting today.

Chris and Jon have been doing this for years.  Getting together and discussing Jon’s blog.  How it’s working and what to change.

Chris works at Mannix Marketing the company that designed both our blogs. And now I go with Jon whenever he has these talks with Chris.  I always learn something and end up making some good changes too.

The first time I met with Chris was over ten years ago and I was so nervous I hardly said a word.   I  remember being uncomfortable when Chris talked about me promoting and selling my art on my blog. Of course, that was the purpose of my blog, but at that time it made me anxious just thinking about it.  Chris was patient with me though which I appreciated.  He has a gentle way about him and a good sense of humor.  I learned to trust him.

Now it’s a very different story. I have my ideas about the changes I want to make and Chris is wonderful at advising me if they make sense.

We haven’t seen Chris in a few years because of the pandemic.  When we went to the Mannix Marketing office to meet him today they were very different.  There was only one other person there besides us and much of the furniture had been sold.  A bank of unplugged telephones was lined up on one of the desks as if on display.

All of the employees have been working at home and there are no plans for them to come back.  We were only able to meet in the conference room today because they still have a  lease.

It was a little eerie being there.  Like one of those science fiction movies where all the people walked out in the middle of their work and later the place was looted.

But even with that strangeness,  we did have a good meeting.  It’s always fun getting together with Chris and he has good ideas.

I’m not changing my blog much, just getting rid of some of the pages and links I don’t use anymore.  And making it easier to get on my social media platforms.

Chris suggested I put my videos up on TicTok.  I just got back on Instagram again and I’m not sure if I want to deal with more social media, but I’m going to look into it. He did say his 25-year-old daughter told him he posts too much on Instagram.  That he should only post once a day.  That’s advice I can easily go along with.

I don’t think the changes will be that apparent, but I’ll let you know about them when they happen.  Hopefully they will make my blog more easy to navigate.


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