The Snow Comes And The Snow Goes

Fate through Lori’s and Socks’ legs

The snow comes and the snow goes and the snow comes again.

I rescheduled my Walk-about with Zack because of the snowstorm coming tomorrow.  Now it seems we could get up to nine inches.

We’ll see.

Even if we do get a lot, March snowstorms usually come and go quickly.  But still, I got things ready.

If we do get nine inches it will be a lot of shoveling and I want to make it as easy as possible.  Tomorrow after feeding the animals in the morning, I’ll move the feeders into the barn.  Today I cleaned out the chicken coop and filled up the birdfeeders.

Minnie and Flo came back in the house after dinner and I put their bed from the back porch back in the barn.  This time I even remembered to put a branch in the pole barn for the donkeys and sheep to chew on when they get bored from not being able to graze.  A  big rotten branch fell from the Maple in front of my studio.  It’s nice and soft and still has some bark on it.  I think the animals will find it tasty.

Now there’s nothing to do but wait for the snow to come.

Robin with a mouthful of hay.

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