Making Collage Cards, Little Pieces Of A Dream

The cards I made this weekend

Jon took one of Emily Gold’s collage classes with the intention of making his own Appreciation Cards.  These are the cards that Emily makes and Jon buys to give to people who donate to the Army Of Good.  Emily is still making Appreciation Cards for us, but it didn’t stick with Jon.

So now we have all these blank cards and a bunch of collage supplies.  I can’t really resist them, so sometimes, mostly on the weekend or in the evening, I make a few cards of my own.

There were a couple of cards from my last batch that didn’t work, so I cut them up and made this new batch of collage cards using them.

Making these cards is very freeing.  I start as Emily suggested in the class by just putting down one shape, usually, for me, it’s a torn piece of paper.  Then, I just keep adding on to it until it feels done.   I find that I like to do a little marker drawing somewhere on the card.

The less sense they make the more I like them.  I like to think of them as little pieces of a dream.

I’ll send these cards out along with Emily’s cards to people who donate to the Army of Good, my Blog and Jon’s Blog. Not everyone gets one, but we give them away while they last until both Emily and I can make some more.

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