Watch This Video With The Patience Of A Snail

This video is 2 minutes and 40 seconds long.  And it moves as slow as a snail, literally.  So I don’t really expect many people to watch it.

Even being a visual person,  I have little patience for videos.  Yet I’m posting this video of our latest Mystery Snail Socrates because I find it truly beautiful.

First, you get the close-up of his (I’m not really sure of the sex of this snail, but since he’s my new Socrates, I’ll refer to him as “him”) “face”, his eyes and antenna and everything in between.  Then you get to see his foot in action.  That is what snails travel on, one foot. So unlike our feet,  a Mystery Snail’s foot flows like lava.   At one point you’ll see that foot pressed up again the glass of the fish tank so we get to see the bottom of it.   Then it tumbles the pebbles as it turns and the edges of the foot ripples like ribbons.

Socrates does a ballet of sorts and ends it all by giving us that infinite spiral as he turns his back on us.   The ultimate “The End”.

If you do watch this video, do it with the patience of a snail. And savor every luscious movement.

9 thoughts on “Watch This Video With The Patience Of A Snail

  1. Are these two snails tossing pebbles at each other!? It’s Gastropod caber-tossing for St Patrick’s Day.

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