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Liam and the rest of the sheep wondering where the hay is.

I haven’t asked for blog support in a long time but I could use some now.

First I want to thank everyone who continues to give me monthly and one-time donations without my mentioning it.  I’d also like to thank everyone who supports my work by buying my art, my potholders, quilts, fabric paintings and whatever else I come up with.  And thanks also,  to those of you who send me your fabric scraps and unwanted fabrics.

I understand that not everyone can or wants to donate to my blog, but I do spend my days not only working on my art, but documenting it and posting videos and photos of the farm and animals, my walks in the woods, and writing about my life.

If this is something you enjoy and would like to support it’s easy to do.

I have people how who send monthly donations from $2 to $50.  There are also people who every once in a while send a donation to my blog because they read something that has meaning for them, or they like a particular video, or are inspired by a piece of my art.

I do spend more and more time writing and taking pictures and videos than ever. I post three to four times a day, six days a week.  (Saturday is my sabbath from the internet which really does a lot to revive me.  I recommend an Internet Sabbath).  I’ve been faithfully posting my Monday Morning Videos for six years (I’ve missed a few Mondays due to vacations and just forgetting, whoops) and I hope I’m getting better at all of this all the time.

It’s another process my readers get to participate in.

So if you can and if you’d like, you can make a one-time or monthly donation to my blog in any amount. Just click here or on the words “Support My Blog  at the top of each post.

I have Paypal and Venmo.  If you don’t use either regularly, you can use a credit card on Paypal as a guest or you can also send a check to Full Moon Fiber Art  PO Box 205 Cambridge NY 12816.

And thank you all for being there, for reading my blog and taking a part in the ongoing conversation whether you donate or not.

8 thoughts on “Support For My Blog

    1. I bet they do Lee and you should definitely give your money to them and any other group that needs money. There are many of them. And I, like you, get to choose who I will donate to.
      This is how I make a living just like anyone else who goes to work and gets paid.

  1. Maria, Thank you for the reminder. I sent a little something. There will always be causes that need support, but my belief is that you as an Artist bring so much needed beauty into the world and your photos and stories of the nature and animals that you share with us awaken the souI and I so appreciate you. Love, Janet

  2. I have only recently begun to follow you. I love your photography and watching your creative process with fabrics. Happy to send a little support

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