Drawing Sunflowers and Raising Money For The Ukraine At Bishop Maginn


Drawing sunflowers in front of Bishop Maginn High School. You can see Sue and Jon in the background

Sue Silverstein picked the perfect day to be outside, drawing sunflowers on the pavement.  That’s what her classes were doing today, to show support for the Ukrainians.  Some of the students made flower pins with “Peace” written on them and they sold them for 25 cents each, raising $200 to donate to the cause.

Floasade and Dah Blue

I got to see some of the students from my sewing classes.  Flosade and Dah Blue drew this giant flower together using Ukrainian colors.

Hser Nay and Zinnia

Hser Nay kept an eye on Zinnia while Jon and I drew flowers, talked to the kids, and took pictures.

The last time we were at Bishop Magin they had just learned that the school would be closing at the end of the year.  Spirits were low.  But today had the good feeling that comes from helping others.  The Theology teacher as well as the Art teacher Sue is determined to keep the school going, not giving up on the students or the good work they do for others.

I didn’t get this student’s name but we talked for a while, artist to artist.  She was blending her chalk colors taking her time to get it just right.  She said she does most of the drawing on an iPad, which is not unusual for kids her age.

I hope to get back to Bishop Maginn and do some more sewing if there is any interest.  It’s hard to keep up extra activities as the year comes to an end.  But even if we don’t sew, I’ll be happy just to visit with the students.  The Army of Good came through once again and raised the money Jon hoped to get for the last Prom.  There are no definite plans yet, but I know it will be a very special evening.

2 thoughts on “Drawing Sunflowers and Raising Money For The Ukraine At Bishop Maginn

  1. Maria,
    Thanks you so much for sharing this story (I will send this to Jon, too). I am so moved by the compassion and loving action from these very resilient young adults. They inspire and remind me to do more good and to notice and be in awe of the beautiful individuals, working in community, who came from all kinds of challenges and suffering to show up for others. This to me is what hope and being human looks like.
    in peace and gratitude, Carol

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