A Day In And Out Of The Studio


My basket of potholders ready for the postoffice

Once again I spent my Monday morning packing up potholders to be mailed to their new people.  And aren’t I lucky to be able to do this on Monday morning.  Because it means that I sold the potholders that I posted on Friday evening.

So thank you again to everyone who bought my potholders and made contributions to my blog after I wrote about it last week.  Your support gives me the space I need to help me be creative and the ability to pay my bills.

After doing my books (I’m trying to keep up with them instead of letting months of work pile up) and ordering more compostable envelopes  I was ready to get back to work in my studio.  I wasn’t certain about what I’d be doing, maybe working on my Moth quilt, starting a new batch of potholders, or beginning a new fabric painting (I don’t have an idea for a new fabric painting, but if I start the process of finding a backing I trust something will come).

But it was a windy day and when I got to my studio, the power was out. Luckily it was also a sunny day, so my studio stayed warm with the help of the sun and the four windows on the south side of the building.

I could have taken a walk, but instead, I decided to deal with the pile of fabric on my studio floor.  I’ve been stepping over it for months and it doesn’t help my work that I can barely see the fabric.  So for the next couple of hours, I straightened up my studio and had my weekly studio Chat with Emily.

When the lights came back on, it was almost time for dinner.  So I made a couple of “I Am” for Mariane who missed out on the ones I sold a few weeks ago.

Tomorrow I hope to get to my studio early.  I’m still not sure what I’ll be working on, but I’ll be sure to let you know what I decided to do at the end of the day.

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