Suzy and Merricat, Sheep Talk

Suzy and Merricat

I don’t know what Suzy and Merricat were saying to each other in the barn today.  But I’m sure they were communicating the way that sheep do.  I see it in their proximity to each other, in the movement of their ears and how they sniff each other.

When I get down on the same level as the sheep, they will sniff my head and face and seem to pay attention to the air coming out of my nose. If I’m not wearing a hat, they sometimes try to nibble on my hair.

2 thoughts on “Suzy and Merricat, Sheep Talk

  1. Horses are like that. They want to smell your breath and chew on your hair. Maybe this is common with animals that graze? One of your readers will know the answer to this!

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