Finishing The Front of My Moth Quilt

I figured out what I’d do next on my Moth quilt last week.  But I didn’t get to sew it together till today.

I love this idea of cutting the “bad” parts out of the old quilt top and sewing the “good” parts together.  I want to do more with that. It’s a process that if not considered too much, can create a very spontaneous feeling.  And result in some good design too.

This is a detail of one of the sections of the quilt that I cut up and sewed back together. I love the odd shapes and those thin lines and tiny pieces that would otherwise look contrived.

The hand stitching on the old quilt top

I have to be careful about the stitching on the old quilt tops.  If they’re hand-stitched they sometimes come apart.  This quilt had two kinds of stitches.  They were both very tiny and mostly in good condition.  Many of them were so tightly sewn together they looked stronger than what my machine could do.

If there were tears I’d either cut them out or sew over them with my sewing machine.

After sewing on the brown strip of African fabric to the top of the quilt, I saw that I sewed it on with the back of the fabric facing the front.  Somehow I didn’t notice the big writing.  So I took out my seam ripper and took it apart. Then I sewed it back on the right way.

After sewing on the bottom piece, I added a thin line of fabric to both sides.  Then I knew I was done with the front of the quilt.

After that, I laid out the fabric for the back of the quilt.  I’ll sew it together tomorrow.


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