All My Quilts

The quilt I made that Tony bought about six years ago.

It took me a moment to remember the quilt I saw in the photo that Tony sent me.  It was the piece in the middle that I recognized first.  It was something I brought back from India in 2017. Then I saw the fabric along the edges which I got when I first started making quilts in 2007.

The photo and setting of the quilt in Tony’s house look so nice, I could imagine it in a magazine.

That made me think of all the quilts I’ve made.  I have no idea how many of them there are. Some I made before I switched my blog from Yes No Quilts to Full Moon Fiber Art.  So I’m not sure if I even have pictures of all the early ones.

But I know I do have a lot of pictures of my quilts on the “My Quilts” board on Pinterest.  

So I took a look and saw that my board needed to be updated.  But I also saw many of the quilts I’d forgotten I’d even made.  I don’t have a gallery page on my blog, but I do think of Pinterest as a gallery of much of my work.  A place where you can see all the quilts in one place and all my other art broken down into categories on other boards.

If you’re interested, you can always get to my Pinterest boards by clicking on the icon at the bottom of my blog.  Or for now, just click here. 

4 thoughts on “All My Quilts

  1. what an absolutely amazing collection of quilts…such colors and shapes. You are prolific, woman!

  2. That was quite a trip down memory lane! I saw the Emily Dickinson quilt which I coveted — The One That Got Away is how I think of it — but I wouldn’t have had a safe place place to use or display it. So Shekinah proudly hangs, safely away from rambunctious dogs, looking down on her creation.

    1. Oh Jill, how nice that you have such good feeling about those quilts. I appreciate that. And thanks for taking such good care of Shekinah!

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