“Moth” Quilt, Going Home

I finished tacking my Moth quilt today. Tomorrow I’ll put it in the mail and it will be on its way to its new home.

Looking at the quilt now that it’s all done, I feel like breaking up the regimented squares of the old quilt gave it more of an organic feeling.  It’s one of the parts of the quilt that make me think of looking at nature under a microscope. It’s filled with layers, like those in the earth.  And also moves back and forth in scale.

I’ll remember the discovery I made using the old quilt top.

I’m thinking of choosing another old quilt top and cutting it apart in the same way. That is, cutting off the torn and stained pieces and sewing the good pieces back together.  I’m not sure what that will lead to if anything, (maybe the start of another quilt) but it seems like something I’d like to explore.

It often happens as it did with this quilt my Forest Floor quilt before it, that one creation leads to another.

The back of Moth


2 thoughts on ““Moth” Quilt, Going Home

  1. I have to admit: I had no idea where you were going with this one when you got started. But, as always, it’s absolutely gorgeous, and now it makes perfect sense to me. Amazing!

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