The Search For Eggs

Now I know where the idea of an Easter Egg hunt came from, I thought as I searched the barn and yard for eggs.  The last egg I found in the coop was a frozen one, and I know the hens are laying more than that.

So I’ll keep searching, and keep an eye out too.  When I see only three hens walking around, I go looking for the fourth, who will no doubt be laying an egg anywhere but in the chicken coop.

5 thoughts on “The Search For Eggs

  1. When you find the nest consider marking and leaving one egg. If you take them all they will often make a new nest.

  2. When we had chickens, we put an Alabaster Egg in the coop where the hens are supposed to lay their eggs. They will get the message and lay in the coop.

    1. I left an egg in the coop Uta, thinking they might get the message, but it didn’t seem to make a difference. Maybe I should do it again and just leave it there for a couple of days.

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