Selfie With Kim

Some selfies with the sheep are easier to get than others.

Asher and Issachar are always putting their face in mine, so they’re easy to get a selfie with.  It was Asher who started this whole selfie with the animals thing.

But Kim is a sheep that I doubted I’d be able to get a picture with.

She’s always been skittish and bribing her with treats hasn’t changed that.  But today I had an idea.  While Kim had her head stuck so far down in the feeder that her head was covered in hay, I kneeled down next to her. If she knew it was me next to her she would have run as she has done before.

But she was too busy eating.  So I cozied up next to her and held my iPhone in from of us both.  I knew at some point she’d lift her head, see me and run. Once that happened she’d be on the lookout and  I’d have to wait for another day to try again.

But also knew in that moment she lifted her head, if I got lucky, I could snap a picture.

So, as quiet and still as a cat hunting a mouse, I waited.  It was a few minutes before her head popped up and I got lucky.

It looks to me like Kim is looking right at the camera, as if she knew what was going on.  Maybe she wanted to take a selfie with me after all.

9 thoughts on “Selfie With Kim

  1. Very ingenious! And if it’s OK for Jon to resort to putting a dog biscuit on top of his phone to get a selfie with the ever-obedient Zinnia, I think it’s perfectly OK to to ambush skittish Kim at the sheep feeder. All’s fair in love and war and animal photography. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

  2. What a great selfie! Looks to me like Kim is laughing and enjoying herself. I think this is my favorite of the selfies with animals so far.

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