Pansies and Onions

Liam grazing by the flooded marsh

Jon and I went out for breakfast this morning, something we rarely do on a weekday.  Jon had a very sensible omelet and fruit cup, I went for the waffle with fresh strawberries and whipped cream.  I basically had dessert for breakfast.

But we had a larger purpose than just breakfast out.

Afterward, we visited  Country Power Products, a feed and flower store in Greenwich (pronounced Green Witch) one town over from us.  They have their big chick day this weekend, where all kinds of people come to buy their chicks.

They have a huge variety of chicks, (I didn’t count how many different types) all sectioned off in crates with photos of the hens they’ll grow up to be and information on them and their eggs. Four chickens are enough for us, but the next time we’re in the market for chicks I know where we’ll be going.

I did enjoy seeing them all and thinking about what kind of chickens I’d want if I were going to get some.  I also got to talk chickens and plants with Heidi and Casey who work there.  (Click here to see them and all the chicks)

They also had pansies, the first I’ve seen of the season.  We got a few packs for the planters and John, who owns the store and who my Jon has become friends with, gave us some onions to plant.  He said these onions were so sweet you could eat them like an apple.  I don’t plan on doing that, but I have a feeling we’ll have plenty of onions to share with our friends and neighbors.

The onions can be planted now so this weekend I’ll be opening up at least a part of my garden to put them in. We were told that because the onions grow down into the soil you can plant flowers or veggies close to them.

I’ve never planted anything outside this early.  But now  I’m looking forward to opening up my garden tomorrow.

Just a few of the chicks at Country Power Products. 

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