Making More “Little Hope” Potholders

Ian, our shearer is on his way over and I just finished the first step in making more Little Hope Potholders.  

Now I just have to stitch the word Hope in the little white squares on each potholder. I got a few emails from people who were disappointed when the potholders sold out so quickly.  I still had more of the little squares that Karen sent me and I certainly want to spread as much hope as I can, so it was easy to decide what to work on today.

I’ll try to finish them up tomorrow.

Now to get ready for shearing.  If I’m too tired to post pictures this evening of the shearing, I’ll put them up tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Making More “Little Hope” Potholders

  1. I have the thought to tape the Hope Potholder to my laptop as a reminder when I get overwhelmed to keep the Hope.

    1. I will probably be making even another batch. I think even if they don’t all sell quickly again, I’d like to have some available. Thank you Lisa

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