The Second Batch of “Little Hope” Potholders

I decided to get the new batch of “Little Hope Potholders” all done today.  Some of these are already sold, but I’m going to make one more batch after this one.  Even if they don’t sell quickly, I like the idea of having them available in my Etsy Shop.

When I sew the word hope on the potholder, I have the first piece of cotton backing behind it.  I also use a small piece of cotton fabric so the potholder will slide easily on the base of my machine when I’m stitching the words.

Next, I add another piece of batting, this one is insulated batting.  Then I lay the backing fabric face to face with the front of the potholder.  The hanger gets pinned to the corner, the open end of the loop on the edge of the potholder. 

Then I sew it all together, just like I do my quilts, leaving an opening at the bottom and trimming the corners.   When I turn it inside out, all I have left to do is hand stitch the opening.


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