Another Chance For My Brother Sewing Machine

This is it, I thought as my sewing maching jammed, the warning message came up and I couldn’t turn the wheel that makes the needle go up and down on my Brother sewing machine.

It’s 12 years old and I’ve used it a lot.  Some years ago the part that allows me to do straight sewing on it broke. Since then I’ve only used it for free-motion sewing.

When I bought my Viking sewing machine in 2014, I thought I’d use that for free-motion sewing.  Just last year I even got an extension for my Viking thinking I’d use it more. That I’d get used to it.  But I’ve never been as comfortable with it as I have my Brother machine. Maybe it’s because I learned free-motion sewing on my Brother.

Whatever it is, when I wanted to do some drawing with my machine today, I pulled out my Brother.

And when it jammed, I began to wonder what I’d do if it was gone for good.  If I’d finally learn to use my Viking or try to get another machine that felt right to me.

After trying it a few times and it still not working, I turned my sewing machine off and stepped away from it.

When I went back to it a half-hour later it still didn’t work. I imagined driving it to the repair shop.  But I decided to see what I could do first. So I unscrewed the plastic part that covered up where the problem was and looked at, like I used to look under the hood of my car when it wouldn’t start.

Back then I’d either stick a screwdriver in the carburetor and the car would start, or I’d be out of luck because I knew nothing else about car engines.

With my sewing machine, I knew even less.

So I took out the little brush that I use to clean the bobbin case and did some cleaning. I poked around a little and again tried to turn the wheel that moves the needle up and down.  I did this for a while and then miraculously, one time when I jiggled the wheel it turned.  The needle went up and down.

So I plugged it in and stepped on the presser foot and it worked!

I screwed the plastic piece back on, and did some practice sewing to make sure it really was working.  Then I decided we’d both had enough for the night.

I gave my Brother a kiss before turning it off and covering it up for the night.  Tomorrow, if all goes well,  I’ll use it to make my last entry on my Corona Kimono. 

4 thoughts on “Another Chance For My Brother Sewing Machine

  1. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you. Learning a new machine is possible, but no fun. A lot of the flashier brands get more attention, but I love my base model Brother machine.

  2. I have a 28 year old Babylock basic machine and even though I have another newer machine, I still go to my familiar old machine especially when trying something new. It’s always been reliable and I am so comfortable with my old basic machine. One of these days I’ll work with the newer machine and hopefully get comfortable with it. I’m not sure they even make parts for my favorite machine anymore.

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