Birdsong and Grazing

The sheep still need to remind themselves of who is who after shearing.  This morning Lori and Socks were bumping heads.  Lori was clearly trying to keep Socks away from her. Socks being much older finally moved to the other feeder.  In this video you can see Liam sniffing Socks.  One way they identify each other is through smell.

This morning the older sheep, Suzy, Socks, Liam and Biddy left the hay and followed me into the back pasture.  Even though the grass is still low, they are grazing and prefer it to hay.  Kim, Merricat and Constance followed them.

We won’t open the north and south pastures for the sheep to graze until the grass gets higher. When the grass is low they can pull up the roots when grazing and ruin the pasture for the rest of the season.



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